Checklist For New Websites 2019

If you create a new website, you have to think about a lot. Since you can ever forget one or the other. With our checklist, you play it safe and think of the most important thing about your website.
website checklist 2019

If you create a new website, you have to think about a lot. Since you can ever forget one or the other. With our checklist, you play it safe and think of the most important thing about your website.


The usability or user experience is unfortunately often neglected. Elaborate design and optical gadgets ruin the time on the website. To make sure that does not happen you should think about the following:

  • Is the page speed okay?
  • Is the contrast of text to the background good?
  • Is the font size easy to read (even on mobile devices)?
  • Was Flash omitted?
  • Do the pictures have captions, alt tags, and a size?
  • Has the 404 page been customized and provided with a search function?
  • Do all links have meaningful title tags?
  • Has a usability test been conducted with outsiders?
  • Are links easily recognized as links?
  • Are you avoiding a home page (welcome page)?


Good navigation is the common thread through a website. So that your users do not get lost on your website, you should question the following points:

  • Is the main navigation easy to find?
  • Is the general page navigation understandable?
  • Can content be found within a maximum of 3-4 clicks?
  • Will the most important content be reached after a maximum of 2 clicks?
  • Is the logo linked to the homepage?
  • Can the search be easily found?
  • Do drop-down menus also work on mobile devices?
  • Do you use breadcrumbs?
  • Does your navigation work without JavaScript enabled?
  • Are there enough cross-links between your content?



“Content is king” is heard and read everywhere. If you do not have good content or are poor at it, you have fewer opportunities to rank well with search engines :

  • Do all pages have headings?
  • Are all headings meaningful and include the main keyword?
  • Is the most important part of the content always found at the top?
  • Do typography, styles and colors consistently move through the page?
  • Do you save enough with greasing?
  • Do you use the p tag for paragraphs instead of the br tag?
  • Do you largely avoid tables for styling?
  • Do you avoid duplicate content on your page?
  • Do all articles have at least 800 words and include keywords?
  • Are your pictures big enough for Google Image Search?
  • Are content from the beginning to the end comprehensively operated and fulfill any search intention of the user?
  • Are there enough contents?

If you do not want to or cannot write yourself, you should outsource content. Of course, then money must be taken in hand, but without content, you are lost on Google and other search engines. Only those who give full throttle in the area of ​​content can achieve really good and many rankings. I usee for the content production of my web pages and and can fully recommend their service. The prices are really fair and the authors are very committed.


Especially companies have to think about a lot when they are building a new company website. Keep the following points in mind and get closer to the goal of a successful website :

  • Is the company logo prominently placed?
  • Is the CI of the company considered in the design?
  • Was the company claim used?
  • Find customers quickly to their destination (for example shopping cart)?
  • Can customers quickly find the contact page?
  • Did you specify an imprint?
  • Did you think about the privacy policy and the GDPR?
  • Are your terms and conditions online?
  • Is the security of your customer data ensured?
  • Did you think about the journey?



There is also the icing on the cake in web design, which can make the difference in the end. The following checklist will help you:

  • Avoid inline CSS and bundle scripts into external files?
  • Is advertising on your site not disturbing and not intrusive?
  • Are your URLs search engine optimized?
  • Are your page titles explanatory and include keywords?
  • Is the design of your website up-to-date?
  • Did you think about social media buttons?
  • Is your website OnPage search engine optimized?
  • Have you set up a tool like Google Analytics for traffic analysis?
  • Did you set up Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Are you using modern markups (HTML5, rich snippets)?

Conclusion: Considering the 50 points, you have already met the most important criteria for a good website. Of course, there are many other things you can and should think about. Listing all of these would not be possible. I am happy to complete the list on request …

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